Fear of Shops

People have fears about all sorts of things, we all know about  fearing spiders and heights. Very often responses are perceived as over reaction on the part of the sufferer, often the person experiencing the fears also knows it is irrational. Flight, fight or freeze responses are in the very core of our being, a normal reaction in heightened stress situations, and it is those responses......

Failed Business

Not that many years ago quite a few incredibly successful business people's lives were ruined due to circumstances beyond their control. It affected thousands of 'normal people too, losing their homes, their jobs. This is the story of one couples struggle and how they came though the other side.

Body Image

Body Image is something that is affecting a growing number of young girls although it is not exclusive to the female of the species. Boys can be affected too. Often it is triggered by an event or series of events and unpicking that can be very time consuming but it has to be done to make any changes permanent. We can deal with the immediate issue... but it works better if we find the start.

The Footballer

Confidence in Sports is not always a given. This particular client was struggling on two fronts, the first was getting over injury and the second was confidence related when ever this talented sportsman was being viewed by talent scouts


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