White Coat Syndrome

As I sit here and watch my cute little 6 month old kitten cause utter mayhem, as she recovers from major surgery to be neutered, it reminds me of when I had similar surgery for a caesarean section. My little kitten went absolutely nuts 

The Thick & Thin Of It

A, backwards, hedge, through dragged. Rearrange these words into a well-known phrase and that is very often what I look like. Despite my very best efforts to tease, stick or blast my hair into shape and a style that is supposed to look ‘messy’, 

Famous People

Famous men and women throughout history have used hypnosis to help themselves become successful. They have been hypnotized to become more creative, have better focus, be more disciplined, and have better control of their minds. 


We all know what stress is. Take a rubber band and pull it taught and you can feel the stress on the rubber band created by the tension. You know that if you pull too hard, the inevitable will happen and it will snap. Snap with some force too.

Busting out of Alcatraz

For people who have not suffered from depression, the solution seems to be quite simple – ‘snap out of it’. These people are truly fortunate never to have suffered from the debilitating effects of severe depression. It is only in recent times that it was open

Splash The Zero's

Indulge me here. My sense of humour dictates that with a topic like this one – I should really leave the page……………blank! Notwithstanding that some of you might actually prefer that I had left it blank by the time you get to the end. So what is the topic?

The Q Continuum

Anyone who is or has been afraid of flying, mice, spiders or any of a number of common fears will not understand the connection to this master race, so let me help you. 

Recovering From Stroke

The power of the brain to recover is without doubt fascinating, with in some cases victims reported as recovering almost one hundred per cent of their previous mobility. 


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