Groundhog Days

We are creatures of habit aren’t we? Even the most disorganised people with chaotic lives are habitual about their chaos. Take the extreme hoarder, most of us will watch with amazement as people affected cannot even climb into their beds, still less cook a meal and yet there is one thing that ..


Anyone who reads my articles, and before you ask - there are a few of you, will know that I tend to try and put an amusing slant on the subject matter, and whilst there is an amusing slant to this, the difficulties faced by friends’ and family member’s coping with mental illness leave little room for frivolity.

It’s a Kinda Magic

Madonna was famously told that she would never make it as a singer, similarly Lady Gaga received scant recognition for her talents at the stage skills academy she attended. One of my favourites (ahem) Chris de Burgh was rejected summarily by almost every record producer he approached...

Back Fire

Driving along, with the windows down, stereo full blast, not a care in the world, as long as you don’t count the iriot behind who’s right up your bumper. Oh yes, and the muppet ahead of you that is weaving in and out of the traffic causing everyone to brake. But hey, it’s a pleasure right? 

Duty Of Care

Mankind has gazed out on the stars with total fascination for thousands of years, naming clusters and trying to predict the future with various alignments of these intermittent rays of light. For centuries we have used them for navigation, they have always been there. Anyone who was around


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