OK how do we do that? Well not to put too fine a point on it, gents do it all the time, only when they were teenagers they very often could not control the rush of blood....

Controlling high blood pressure is MUCH easier than you think


Hypnosis and High Blood Pressure

Manage Your Own Blood Pressure

OK how do we do that? Well not to put too fine a point on it, gents do it all the time, only when they were teenagers they very often could not control the rush of blood to a certain part of their anatomy, we usually see young girls send blood to their cheeks - a phenomenon we refer to as blushing. 

A colleague came across a situation where a lady had very badly gashed her hand with a bottle in a crowded restaurant. Whilst waiting for the paramedics - he took control and despite her panic, convinced her to focus on what he was saying, which was that she should stop the flow of blood to the affected hand. The lady calmed down and when the ambulance arrived the bleeding had stopped to just a small trickle. The paramedics could not believe it. 

Learning to control your blood pressure with the help of self hypnosis / hypnotherapy is a similar process.

There are so many things in life that cause stress. Bills, relationships, work, traffic – all of these pile up on us day after day. With so much to deal with in today’s fast-paced, hectic society, we often forget to attend to our bodies and minds. How easy it is to forget to relax. Who has the time anyway? Then comes the wake up call. Your doctor diagnoses high blood pressure. How did this happen? Your arteries are responsible for carrying blood throughout your entire body. A network of nerves surrounds all of these arteries. When we’re under stress our bodies react by tensing up these nerves and exerting pressure on the arteries. The end result: high blood pressure. The more tension we experience, the more pressure exerted. Doctors often suggest people with high blood pressure “take it easy”. The truth is though that many of us have never learned how to do this. Sure, maybe we’ve taken a vacation before and after a few days we felt relaxed, but how do we “take it easy” and still manage our daily lives? How do we convince our bodies to let go of all the tension after an impossibly straining day? Even if things are running smoothly for now, there’s probably plenty of tension left over from the day before. How do we let it all go? Imagine what it would be like to: Feel thoroughly relaxed from one day to the next! Experience a healthier life and mind-body connection! Hypnotherapy / self hypnosis is an excellent way to learn how to relax. In this deeply relaxed state our unconscious (subconscious) mind is able to absorb suggestions that can help us manage our health and well being on a daily basis. While the conscious mind must deal with the stress of traffic, work, and the kids, our unconscious mind, with the help of hypnosis, sends the signals to our bodies as to how to react to them.

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