Hypnosis is a very powerful ally in the battle against allergies and can easily become an effective and integral part of a treatment program. Hypnotic techniques help in three principal ways: 

shrimp which caused swelling of the tongue and lips

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Allergies can be succesfully treated with hypnosis

Hypnosis and Allergies



Hypnosis is a very powerful ally in the battle against allergies and can easily become an effective and integral part of a treatment program. Hypnotic techniques help in three principal ways:
They stop the body from overreacting to environmental toxins in allergic reactions

They relieve the stress related to allergic reactions

They inform the immune system of the distinction between biochemical friend and foe by accessing the maternal archetype within the subconscious mind to restore the body’s sense of biochemical safety

In this section we share some very dramatic allergy healing testimoniShellfish Allergies Eliminated

My son had dreamed of attending the US Air Force Academy where he could work with applied theoretical physics, getting to experience, work with and develop technologies years before the civilian world would even hear about them. He prepared himself for years, studying calculus for fun in his freshman year in high school and teaching calculus and physics classes during his senior year. I even moved to a community 30 miles away from my office for his last two years of high school where there was an ROTC unit that would help him get there. Like many of the Academy applicants, he graduated Valedictorian with both Academic and Athletic honors at both the local and state level. He was notified of an appointment early in the year he graduated high school, but then was told that he was disqualified due to a shellfish allergy. My son had suffered the allergy since he was six. The least allergic item according to his current medical tests was shrimp which caused swelling of the tongue and lips for 12 hours.

I began searching for cures to allergies. Online I found documented studies where individuals  would have a severe life- threatening allergy to peanuts had been cured with hypnotherapy.

After one appointment with the hypnotherapist my son ate three shrimp with only minor discomfort in the back of his throat that lasted less than an hour. After the second appointment he ate seafood pasta at a restaurant that contained a whole lobster tail, shrimp, clams, jumbo scallops and crab. He had minor lip swelling for about an hour. After the third appointment there were no more reactions.

In order to prove the allergy didn't exist, the next step was to see an allergist and eat the food under medical study conditions. The testing would involve six different appointments for the six different shellfish his medical records said he was allergic to, over three different days. The allergist was the former intake allergist at the Naval Academy in Annapolis and had been the personal allergist to the US President in the White House. He indicated that for an allergy to exist, there are two components. The first is a positive blood test result. The second is a physical reaction. Regardless of the blood test results, if there is no physical reaction then there is no allergy. He was shocked that despite my son’s blood test reactions there was absolutely no physical reaction to ingesting the food, and he examined my son quite thoroughly because of this variance. In the end he wrote up the report refuting the existence of the allergy, documenting that the allergy was eradicated, and my son is now a cadet in the US Air Force Academy.

It is hard to put a value or cost on what a change in one's life is worth but in my son's case a minimum value is clear. His appointment to the US Air Force Academy represents a $400,000 scholarship, and of course immense opportunities after college will increase that value. With just three office appointments (in two days) with the hypnotherapist, my son's allergies were eradicated and the appointment to the academy restored.

I am immensely grateful for the help with my son and his air force academy aspiration. He is doing great, finished Basic Cadet Training and graduated from that last Tuesday and started classes this morning.

Permanent Asthma Relief
I attended the Advanced Somatic Healing workshop in New York City to get help with my asthma. For about 30 days before the workshop, I had experienced major problems with asthma. At that time I was using my inhaler several times a day, and I was unable to take public transportation to work or be outside for long periods of time. On the first day of the workshop I saw some amazing healing experiences occur as the hypnotherapist worked with other participants. On the 2nd the workshop participants were divided into two groups and it was my turn to experience healing.

A fellow student, Jeffrey Cohen, took me on a journey into my lungs. I was surprised to encounter intense anger in my lungs from an experience I had with a family member when I was in high school. I re-lived the experience and began the cathartic process of releasing the anger from my lungs and body. After I was directed out of the hypnotic state, I immediately felt my lungs open up, but I was still skeptical and hesitant, because I had not been able to be outside for long intervals and had to take private cars and taxis anywhere I needed to go. After the workshop was over I decided to 'test' the results of the Somatic Healing and I was happily surprised that I was able to walk to a cafe with 2 other workshop participants with no breathing problems. In fact, I felt so good that after leaving the cafe I decided to take a bus home (something I had not been able to do for a month). Needless to say, I was ecstatic!

I have been able to take public transportation to and from work ever since attending the workshop. I am still overcoming asthma, but my symptoms are not as bad as what I had experienced before taking the Healing workshop. Also, in the 4 weeks since I attended the workshop, I have only had to use my inhaler 2 times versus using it everyday the previous 30 days before attending the workshop. Overall, the results from using Hypnotherapy have been truly amazing! 

Ron West MBA

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