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It is possible to 'implant' a happiness button. or a stress reliever. How many times in an average day do you wish you could change your state of mind - instantly! We often as part of a therapy session install a 'giggle switch'

Too good to be true? Well, this time, you are wrong

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Now what if I told you that I had a magic pill that would transform your mood into one of complete joy? Sceptical? Too good to be true? Well, this time, you are wrong
I can turn your unhappy moments into joy in seconds, inactivity to enthusiasm, stress to laughter also all within seconds. Trouble is you don't believe it, but you will for some reason believe in the power of a pill.

So on sale from today are HAPPY PILLS. Only things is they are quite addictive. Well one dose of ' happiness and well, to be quite frank, you're hooked, one dose is never enough. The more you smile, the more you want to. Yes, yes I know people pay thousands for a 'quick fix' and these are really cheap in comparison. And there may well be some Office For Fair Humour, that will spend tax payers money to supervise the quality of your giggle moments, heck, they will probably find a way of taxing them. One thing is for sure though - there are no 'Thought Police'......YETLaughter Pills

So what's the catch? I'd love to say there isn't one, but of course there is. They are not free, and you have to be committed.

Of course if you ever want to come off them.... well that’s simple, just stop smiling and you will soon get withdrawal symptoms of wet eyes, black clouds, feelings of 'heaviness', headaches, severe stress, back pain, maybe even a few trembles and flushes or even the odd skin rash.
So I am afraid to say these pills do come with a Health Warning and must not be taken by anyone who is not between the ages of 2 and 110, pregnant men or anyone not trying to improve their lives. There is also a limited supply. Strictly first come first served.

In this fun session - we give you your own 'giggle switch' - to be used sparingly!





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