Winning - Motivation

In all areas of life, be it sports, business, careers, etc, the most successful people are often the most motivated. There are many theories of how we can develop self motivation but one theory that seems beyond

Triple Whammy

Sportsmen and women are excellent at pain management. They have already adapted their minds to tolerate pain levels that would make the likes of you and me wince at the very least, or go whining to the doc. 

Golf Swing

Just the mention of hypnotherapy is enough to bring to mind visions of pocket watches being swung in front of your eyes and thoughts of Paul McKenna and Derren Brown coercing unsuspecting members of the public

A Very Fine Swan Indeed

I don’t know about you, but I don’t find ducklings at all ugly. Each one has its own level of cuteness to start with, and I know that each will go on to have its own strengths relative to its brethren. The best and strongest swimmer may not lay the best eggs for instance. How do you view yourself? Boobs too small...


Among different crowds, hypnosis can have a reputation ranging from goofy and gimmicky to outright spooky. But regardless of what you think, neuroscience is now showing it has a noticeable effect on the brain.

The Footballer

Confidence in Sports is not always a given. This particular client was struggling on two fronts, the first was getting over injury and the second was confidence related when ever this talented sportsman was being viewed by talent scouts

Speedy Recovery

The use of hypnosis to speed up the recovery time after surgery has been shown time and again. Two studies from Harvard Medical School show hypnosis significantly reduces the time it takes to heal.


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