Depression is often but not always a reaction to a distressing or traumatic event. The people and situations who are associated with the traumatic event in our lives are referred to as traumatic triggers. 

Pain Management

In recent years, the anecdotal and sometimes exaggerated evidence for the effectiveness of hypnosis to decrease sensitivity to pain - known as hypno-analgesia - has been supplemented by well-controlled experiments.

Gastric Band Therapy

Gastric band hypnotherapy is a procedure used to suggest to the subconscious that you have had a gastric band fitted around your stomach. Many people report feeling fuller quicker after the procedure, as if their stomach has really been constricted.

Fears & Phobias

Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective treatment for many individuals with phobias. A significant percentage of the population suffers from a phobia of one type or another. For some individuals it can be mildly 

Weight Loss

Even the scientists with all their sceptism acknowledge in many research papers that people are 90% more likely to lose weight using hypnosis than those who do not. People who use hypnosis lose more weight, faster and whats more the weight stays off.


Additions to alcohol, prescription drugs, hard drugs, gambling, pain and many more (a client had an addiction to excersise) can make you feel like you are imprisoned from the inside. Hypnosis is now a recommended therapy.


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