Free Sessions

Mega Self Confidence

Who does not need a bit of a confidence booster now and then? 

Overcoming Despair

It is a sad fact of life that the greater majority of us will feel despair at some point

Symptoms Of Anxiety

This neat little 'trick' will stop the trembles and other symptoms of anxiety

Meditation & Healing

This long video is great for sleep, relaxation and healing

Forest Relaxation Music

Get To Sleep Fast - Sounds of the forest with wonderfully relaxing music

Fear Of Flying

Overcome the fear of flying with this full hypnotherapy session

Relaxing Ocean Waves

The fabulous sounds of the ocean gently relax and allow healing

Understanding Hypnosis

Hypnosis - myths and facts debunked

Cold Case - Fear Of Winning

A promising football career up in smoke? Why is that?

Stress Buster

Therapy need not always be serious. When we get stressed laughter is often the best medicine of all


Motivate Plus Hypnosis & Natural Therapies online sessions and group sessions available.


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