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Email us and we will arrange a call back to discuss how we might be able to help you. If you decide to book a consulation, your first one may be as long as two hours, the first half of the session required for us to gain in depth knowledge about your issue enabling us to format a therapy programme


What We Do

Many issues can be solved relatively quickly, often requiring only one or two sessions, however deep rooted issues may require more. We will discuss this with you at the first appointment in an open and transparent way so that you know where you stand

Our Services

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By tailoring our therapies to each person we come up with innovative solutions




Experience gives us compassion and understanding whatever the issue




We got it covered. No matter how bad you think things are......

Why Choose Hypnotherapy


There is substantial evidence that hypnotherapy has been effectively used for thousands of years although it was not known by its modern day term. Non invasive, impossible to cause harm and such phenomenal success rates. Why wouldn't you?

  • hideHighly effective in many physical conditions
  • hideExcellent for confidence, motivational issues
  • hideControl your blood pressure, cravings and more
  • hideTried everything else? Give us a call.....

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