Past Life Regression is a very interesing topic. Whilst we can't guarantee that you do actually have a past life many clients remain stunned by their experiences whilst undergoing this hypnotic technique.

often people who are highly sceptical of even the  possibility

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Case 1.

A lady was struggling with her weight and had struggled for many years, a variety of hypnosis techinques were tried and whilst they were successful to a point, she often returned to her old habits. During one session when she was particluatly deeply hypnotised, she began speaking fluently in a foreign language. Thankfully the session was recorded and upon 'waking' the session was replayed to her. She had no idea what it was nor did she understand it in her 'normal' state. Regression was suggested whilst the language on the cd was being investigated.

Under going regression therapy, the lady was able to go back to a time thousands of years ago, a time of severe famine. She remembers being by the side of a lake and literally starving, her 'tribe' walking off and leaving her.  The language turned out to be something that was thousands of years old - almost pre history adding creedence.

Having established that in her deeper subconscious mind that this 'memory' remained, it was then a relatively simple process to get the lady to 'release' that 'memory' and focus on her life in the here and now. She subsequently lost all of her weight and never struggled again.


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Case 2

When doing group past life regression sessions, with a good number of people, there are often people who are highly sceptical of even the  possibility however these people often produce some of the most interesting past lives. This lady was one such sceptic. After the group awoke she had a really stunned look. It turned out that in a past life she had been a slave ship captain. She recounted the horrors, the smells, and everything quite vividly, even to what she (or he) was wearing. The beard, his foul smell, the sounds of the sea, the slaves and human detritous down below decks. The lady felt a sense of shame which was able to released during another session.

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Is It Real

Who really knows. Sometimes the evidence in these regressions at the very least makes you question - like people speaking fluently in different languages for instance - your own stance on it. One things is certain is that your subconscious mind is a treasure trove and the only way it can speak to your conscious mind is in a dream like way. Hypnotherapists understand how to 'talk' to your subconscious and at times have to help when the subconscious talks back to try and put all into some kind of context.

We offer group Past Life Regression Sessions in various venues in Spain. If you would like to find out if you have a past life - register for this event and we will advise you when the next Past Life Regression session will be.

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