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Motivate Plus Hypnotherapy

Q: Can everyone be hypnotised?

In a word, yes! Some people are easier to hypnotise than others. Its better to go with the flow and put aside any negative questions that pop inti your head, your hypnotherapist is trained to recognises when you are hypnotised.
Some people are easier than others to put in a 'trance' state but you have to ask the question of yourself... if you have taken the bold step of making an appoinment regarding your issue...why would you fight the process or question a qualified hypnotherapist? The process does need your complete participation.

Q: Will I lose control?

No. Neither can the hypnotist make you do anything you don't already want to do. Consider the last time you got really absorbed in a good book or a good film - you were aware when the phone rang but could choose whether to answer or not. Hypnosis is not disimilar to be engrossed - you have the ability to 'snap' back to reality at any time although most clients enjoy the sensation so much .. they prefer not to.
As children, we were often in a 'trance' state, parents often call it daydreaming, and research has proven that this 'state' ensures that children and adults can absorb much more information than in a 'waking' state.

Q: What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the iris' of the eyes. A specialised photo is taken and this is then analysed for any potential health issues. 

Q: Will Iridology tell me if I have cancer?

No. What it will tell you is whether or not you have a hereditary disposition to certain weaknesses and we can advise how you can address or manage those issues before they become dangerous. For instance if your body is acidic, this can be a potential precursor to illnesses including cancer and once diagnosed, you then can address the issues and monitor progress. It analyses the whole body, including the lymphatic system. 

Q: Can you do group weight loss?

Yes. Get a group together - minimum of 5 - and we can arrange a schedule. In fact we can also do groups for many other issues as well - for instance golf, or addictions.

Q: Do you fix people in 30 minutes?

No. Whilst some issues can be resolved that quickly - there are so many variables for each person, to make a claim like that would be unsafe. 

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